Friday, January 25, 2013

Puppy Dog Eyes

"Puppy Dog Eyes"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography  

I have used this week to highlight Ginger the new puppy that my husband's aunt recently bought.   Another post can be found here. This is my obsessive photo shoot of her:)
We stuck her in a planter which was about 18 inches off of the ground.

She was intrigued by us whistling.

"My" "Barnyard Baby."  I wish she was mine:)

My son gave her tiny treats to get her to stay in the pot, hence the reason her tongue is out:)

It's a big world out there!

 She was like a jack in the box, popping her head in and out of the pot:)


I'm worn out!  Are we finished yet?

Can I get down please? 

Hopefully, you were not too bored looking at Ginger's photo shoot!  Yes, I am obsessed with her!


  1. Ginger is such a little cutie! She must be a delight to you both.

  2. Thanks, I love her very much. Yes....she is a delight!


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