Monday, October 29, 2012


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
My family and I went on a short weekend trip in search of waterfalls and beautiful fall foliage.  We hiked to Frolictown Falls, and the highlight of that trip for me was finding this dragonfly.
When I first spotted him, he was exactly how you see him in the photo.  I took several photos, and he did not move an inch.  So, I got out my macro lenses and got real close and hoped he wouldn't fly away.  He never moved. 
I don't remember him being there when I first got there, so I don't think he was dead.  I had to stand in freezing water to ge the shot, and I accidently splashed water on him while moving about.
  I named the photo "Plod" because it was the opposite of "frolic" since we were at Frolictown Falls and he was not frolicking.
Location: Frolictown Falls, North Carolina

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