Friday, April 20, 2012

"I'm A Tree"

"I'm A Tree"  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
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 I stalked this Great Blue Heron for a while.  Where he went, I followed.  Yes, there was running involved.  He flew away, and I ran in the direction he landed.

I noticed an opening where I hoped he would walk right where I had my camera and monopod set up.  As I was standing there, I said in my head, "I'm a tree.  I'm a tree. I'm a tree."  Hopefully he thought I was a tree, and I would not scare him.  I think it worked because he walked about fifteen feet in front of my camera! 

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  1. It is fun but sometimes so frustrating b/c you see the shot you want but "nature" will just not work for you ....LOL ....You had a good day I see!


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