Monday, April 16, 2012

I Promise....

"I Promise...."  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
Click on the photo for a closer view!

I first saw this Canadian Goose from the top of a hill.  At first glance, I saw feathers beside the goose and thought she had babies.  I walked down the hill to see "her" bone had been completely severed.  I'll call her a she.

  So many thoughts ran through my mind.  Was she dehydrated?  Should I try to get some water for her and would she let me get close enough?  I felt so bad for her!  Before I walked away, I promised her I would send help.  I felt better because I saw her lean her head forward to get a drink.

That night I looked on the internet for the park's information.  I e-mailed three different people and attached a photo of the goose.  The next morning the Conservation District Coordinator sent me an e-mail that made me very happy. 

He sent his staff went out to investigate and determine her health.  She has been seen at the park for two years and has escaped into the lake each time his staff tried to help her.  He told me her wing is damaged beyond repair, but she is not in any pain, and "she" moves around easily within the water.  The last thing he told me was if her health declined, they would render aid then, but doing so now would stress her and potentially cause further damage.    

So, I will have a new friend I will look forward to seeing when I go to the lake:)  What name should I give her?

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