Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back on my Throne

"Back on my Throne"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

The hummingbirds are back at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and so are the new Hummingbird Trail maps! The maps are in the Visitor Center at the front desk. The new map will be on the web site shortly.

There aren't a ton of hummingbirds at the Garden yet. The females are busy building their nests, so female hummingbird sightings are lower. In three to five weeks, I think the babies of two nests may be born. I saw a female collecting dandelion last week near marker # 20 for her nest:)

A male hummingbird can be found frequently at marker #6 on the dead branches at the top of the Loquat tree. Give him 5-10 minutes and you may see him.
The busiest marker right now is marker #11 at the rose garden. This is a new marker this year as there is an abundance of flowers the hummingbirds love!

These photographs were taken today at their respective markers. Thanks to everyone for helping get the trail and maps ready this year!!

Location: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

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