Monday, April 4, 2016


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

While at Gibbs Garden in Ball Ground, Georgia this weekend, I had an older couple stop and ask me if they could help while I was photographing a flower. I held my translucent reflector over the tulip to block the harsh sunlight, used another hand to move the background flower out of the way while I pressed the shutter release. It must have looked comical. The couple stated they would have come to help earlier, but he fell asleep in a chair.
The man was intrigued as to why I would have photographed an ugly flower. I told him to come look through my camera because the flower was beautiful. I saw the beauty of the flower and envisioned the final outcome of the shot while he was just looking at the surface. 
On the surface, we may look different. We may have a few rough edges and aren't quite so polished, but if we have invited Christ in our hearts, there is something very beautiful we can show to others.

Location: Gibbs Garden, Ball Ground, Georgia

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