Monday, August 4, 2014


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I enjoyed teaching my class "Where do the hummingbirds 'hide' at the Botanical Garden" this past Saturday morning.  I reminded the attendees about photographing the "in-betweens" .....the wildlife at the garden we can photograph while waiting for the hummers.  One of the photographs I showed them during the presentation was of the Red-tailed hawk.  

After the class, we headed to the Hummingbird Trail to find the hummingbirds. We found them, but the highlight for us all was probably the resident hawk that had to show off to the group and let us photograph him up close while he was on the trellis.  

Location:  Athens, Georgia


  1. What a gorgeous bird! Your students don't know how lucky they are to have you!

  2. Thanks Sherry:) You are sweet! He just wanted to show everyone what he looked like in person.