Monday, September 2, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
One of the keys to wildlife photography is patience.  When I find a hummingbird's perch, I know he/she will come back time after time.  It seems like when I am waiting they may be visiting every flower before they come back because it takes so long.  In reality, I know they are also perching on another favorite perch.
  Sometimes I only have to wait a few minutes, but more than likely it is 15-30 minutes or longer.  It is a focused time of being still, quiet, and focusing on the perch while waiting. 
The wait is worth the result!  I think this is my favorite hummingbird shot to date.


  1. That's one gorgeous photo! Insects, birds both are tricky but time spend still can also be refreshing in its own way.

  2. Thanks Karen. I agree. Sometimes I use that time to focus on prayer too:) ~ Judy


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