Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Twin Frost Flowers

"Twin Frost Flowers"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography
With the right temperatures… the mid to lowers 20’s, plus the right vegetation….in this case white crownbeard, plus being at the right place at the right time usually equals finding beautifully sculpted frost flowers. 
My friend Don Hunter introduced me to frost flowers last year that he photographed at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. I had never heard of them, but saw his photographs on Facebook and knew I wanted to photograph them too. I went last year with my photography friend Heather to photograph them for the first time. It was amazing to see these beautiful ice sculptures.

Frost flowers form when the sap inside the plant push through and freeze which forms beautiful ribbon of ice. The flowers are very delicate and need extra care so they won’t break as I pick the unwanted vegetation away. I am very particular and want a perfect photograph, but I am disappointed to find a beautiful flower and break it before I photograph it.
I looked ahead at the weather for this week and saw Tuesday and Wednesday mornings would be good days to possibly photograph the flowers, so I asked Don what he thought. He thought perhaps Tuesday morning would be best. He, Heather and I went yesterday and were delighted to find our little friends.
I am not a morning person and I do not like the cold, but I will do what it takes to get the shots I want. There are photographers more dedicated than me that get up most mornings before sunrise and repeatedly getting out in the freezing cold, but not me.
Yesterday, I photographed “The Twins” frost flower, aptly named and found by Heather. The swan frost flower was a blessing the Lord showed me last year. The Lord knows I love birds, and I was delighted to find a frost flower in the shape of a swan!

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