Friday, September 2, 2011

I've Gotta Itch!

"I've Gotta Itch!"  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn

Click on the photo for a closer view.

The hummingbird is by far the hardest creature I have tried to photograph.  They are lightning fast and by the time you see them, get your camera ready, focus, and click, they have decided to go to the next flower!

It is hard to find these little guys in the trees....they just blend in.  I couldn't find this one and when I looked up, he was right over my head!  When I was editing the photo, I was amazed to see the down feathers.  Click on the photo for a closer view.

I was a little aggravated at them because they kept sitting in the trees. There were three hummingbirds, and I think they were scouting each other out!  Finally got a decent one of him feeding at the flowers!  Caught ya! 

I knew this one would be a great shot as soon as he landed!

This one was cleaning himself!

All to say....I was very thankful to find these creatures.  They amaze me.  Before I went to the Botanical Garden, I again asked the Lord to bring me things to take photos of.  I had never seen hummingbirds here before!  I spent well over an hour playing ring around the rosie (the flower beds) to catch photos of them.  Now I 'm thankful they sat in the trees!


  1. so tiny for so much detail in the feathers, so precious, truly a wonderful creation by God

  2. The lord does come through when we are in need even something as simple as a glimpse of one of his own creations.

    Great shots, I have yet to find them in the trees here.

  3. Oh, these are just wonderful!! And actually, you rarely see hummingbird photos of them sitting in trees, they are always flitting about. I love the one who is grooming himself!!

  4. Hi Judy! Your photos are fabulous!! A joy to see these beautiful birds! I took a look at your older posts and LOVED your photos. I'd like to visit as often as I can. Thanks for stopping by.:)


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