Monday, August 7, 2017

"Look Both Ways"

"Look Both Ways"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

This momma was going to make sure her four cubs were safe the two times she had them cross an open area. I watched her both times look right and left before she had the cubs follow her.

The first time was as she was crossing a road—smart bear! The second time was when she was crossing a newly mowed area on a trail. I watched her for an hour and a half as she and the cubs fed in a large field. Brian, another photographer suggested coming to the open area to get the best shot as she and the cubs crossed out of the thick field. I think it was a great suggestion.

If you are in Cades Cove and wondering why all traffic is stopped, it's not always a tourist parked in the middle of the road, it is a bear crossing. The Rangers try to keep the bears safe as they cross. The bear cubs crossed one by one. If they traffic is not stopped, the bear cubs might get hit by a car.

Location: Cades, Cove, Tennessee in  the Great Smoky National Park

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