Wednesday, January 4, 2017

You Called?

"You Called?"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I met, Danny, a fellow photographer friend, at Berry College not long ago to photograph the deer. On a previous visit, Danny met a man named James who worked on the campus, and while we were there, we visited him.

As we were talking to James he said, “Wait a minute—I’ll be right back.” He went inside the building and when he came back, he had something in his hand. He shook it, and a group of deer appeared. It was a cup of dried corn.

If I understand the story right, someone who previously lived there fed the deer this way. The deer know when they hear that sound, they will get fed.

I sat with my tripod on the ground, and loved the beautiful background behind them as they lifted their heads after feeding. I can even see my reflection in the deer’s eye!

Location: Berry College, Rome, Georgia

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