Monday, September 26, 2016

Morning's Glow

“Morning’s Glow”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

My day started super early Saturday. I was meeting a fellow photographer before sunrise at Berry College to photograph the deer. Berry boasts 27,000 acres of land that are abundant in wildlife, especially deer.

We wanted to capture the deer in the early morning light, so I left my house before four o’clock. When I arrived, I noticed everywhere—even very close to the road.

We drove around the campus for several hours trying to find and photograph them. A small group of deer meandered into a freshly cut field, and we stopped and began photographing.

I photograph wildlife very methodically. First, I make sure I get the shot and shoot right away. Then as I am in a low crouched position, I slowly take a few more steps toward the animal and shoot again. This is repeated over and over until I have framed my subject perfectly.

The fawn in front of me was very relaxed and enjoying the morning sun. It was not bothered by my presence, nor was its mother watching in the distance.

This is my favorite shot from the day. Thanks to Berry College for generously allowing photographers to enjoy their beautiful campus and abundant wildlife there.  

Location: Berry College, Rome, Georgia

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