Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Intimate Details

"Intimate Details"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

Our God is a big God who created so many amazing details in nature. I love photographing these wonderful details. 

My husband let me pick out my orchid for Valentine's Day. He told me he saw some blue ones, and I had to have one! The orchids are of course color infused and will come back to their normal color next year. 

My orchids were on their last leg and about to die, so I wanted to photograph them one more time. I knew the shot I had imagined, and when I set up my tripod and camera, I actually positioned the camera right the first try. This may be the first time I had accomplished such a task on the first try. I made some minor adjustments, and I was pleased with the outcome.

Some people may not "get" the shot, but I wanted to accentuate the beautiful curved details of the flower. I am glad I God created so many neat details in His creation!

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