Monday, March 24, 2014

A Blanket Of Color

"A Blanket Of Color"  
Judy Royal Glenn Photography  

I was waiting by the Forsythia to see if I could find any hummingbirds.  While I was waiting, I saw some beautiful tulips next to the Forsythia.  I was torn between keeping on my long lens to hopefully capture a hummingbird shot or putting on my macro to photograph the tulips.  I never saw a hummingbird, but I believe I heard one twice.  

So while I was waiting, I photographed the tulips with the Forsythia in the background.  I sort of looked like a three ring circus as I was trying to get the perfect shot.  I did not have a reflector to diffuse the light, so I hung my jacket on my tripod to block the harsh sunlight.  I then laid on the ground under the tripod to photograph the tulip while it was in the shade of my jacket.  I then used a flash to bring back in more light.  I think the beautiful, yellow Forsythia made for the perfect background!

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