Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Moon 2013 & The Iron Horse

"Super Moon 2013 & The Iron Horse"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
My husband suggested taking photos of the Super Moon of 2013 at the iconic Iron Horse near Athens, Georgia.
I set out to Greensboro which is near Athens, Georgia to photograph both the Super Moon and the Iron Horse.  Great minds think a like, because when I got there another photographer was there setting up his tripod as well.  He wanted a distant shot, and I wanted an up close shot.  So I knelt down to try not to get in his distant shot:) It worked out well.
The frustrating part was waiting for the moon to clear the clouds.  We were both in place to catch the moon right as it cleared the horizon with the Iron Horse in the foreground, but as you can tell from the above photos, the moon was high in the sky before it cleared the clouds. 
I noticed lightening in the distance.  So, I took some longer exposure shots to hopefully capture it.

I captured one shot with lightening in it.  I called my husband and asked him to look on the weather map to see where this storm was.  I knew it was far away because I could not hear any thunder.  The storm was in Augusta, Georgia which is 100 miles away.  Even though the photos aren't spectacular, I had a great time nonetheless.

Location:  Greensboro, Georgia......near Athens, Georgia


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