Monday, August 27, 2012

Rattlesnake Roundup

"Rattlesnake Roundup"  Photo Judy Royal Glenn Photography
Click on the photo for a closer view!
I thought it was going to be a typical day at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia on Saturday.  A day of chasing hummingbirds in the garden to get the perfect shot.  I love going to the garden; it is like my second home.
Boy was I surprised when a new visitor came to the garden that I hadn't seen before.  A lady told me she saw a snake, and I did not come immediately because I was focused on photographing the hummer and finch in front of me.  A few minutes later she walked past again and mentioned she saw something and did not know what it was.  She believed the snake threw up a rat.

I walked over to where she was standing to find the rat.  She found the snake again, and we discovered it was a Timber Rattlesnake!  She said she would inform someone.  I let people know about the snake as they walked by for their own safety.  I lost it for a while because I went back to taking photos of the hummers.  The man I told earlier showed me where he went, and I ran to get my camera. 
As the snake inched forward, I made sure to keep my distance. Little did I know the snake had an agenda.  It was trying to get down a drain, and I was standing between the drain and the snake.  Two police officers came, and I showed them where the snake went.  Soon Staicia and Josh from the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control were there to help:)   

A hose was placed down the drain and used to prompt the snake to exit the end of the drain.  The snake was safely captured and taken to live in a big field far away.  A great effort was given by the police and Animal Control to make sure everyone stays safe.  Thanks!
I had a blast!  Did I mention I prayed and asked the Lord to bring to me what He wanted me to photograph?  I hate snakes, but the garden is now clear of a poisonous snake!


  1. I love that you ask God to bring you what he wants you to photograph:)

  2. Thanks Ginger! He never ceases to amaze me:) The stories I could tell.....

  3. I appreciate you sharing your gifts with us.

    I hike the wooded trails over there all the time. The only times I've seen the poisonous snakes have been in and along the formal gardens & paths!

    Maybe they come up from the woods to appreciate the scenery too!

    Thanks again! ... Your photos are awesomely spectacular!

    M. Montana

  4. Thanks M. Montana for your nice comments and for visiting my blog. The rattler probably was enjoying the beauty, but he was taken to a new home:)