Monday, November 7, 2011

Jelly Bean Flower

 "Jelly Bean Flower" Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
Location:  The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Again, I was amazed by God's sense of humor.  Click on this photo for a closer view so you can see the little flowers that look like jelly beans!  Amazing:)  I went back to get a better photo and the "jelly beans" had dried up:( 


  1. it is beautiful and they do look like jelly beans. that is the wonder and mystery of photography for me. I can go to Selby Gardens over and over and never get the same photo twice. they change every day.

  2. What a beautiful shot! I love all that vibrant pink and the water drops too!

  3. Wow, they really do look like jelly beans! The colors in this flower are luscious and you captured it beautifully!


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