Friday, September 23, 2011

Trapped Alive!!

                          "Trapped Alive!!" Photo by Judy Royal Glenn                         

Click on the photo for a closer view. 

After my bout with the hummingbirds sticking out their tongues and the photo shoot with the praying mantis, I walked up on a spider on its web.  I really don't like spiders, but he looked like a good candidate for my next photo shoot.

As I was taking pictures, suddenly he disappeared out of my view.  I peeked around my camera to notice a ladybug landed in his web.  My first instinct was to help the ladybug get out, but I was too late!

Within a split second, the spider opened up its abdomen and spewed his silk on the ladybug.

The spider spun the ladybug round and round like a hotdog!

I kept taking pictures and could not believe what I was actually watching through my lense!

He continued spinning the ladybug around with his legs while adding layer after layer of silk.

I could not help the ladybug, but it ended well for another small bug I was able to free from the web!!  I thought I would end with this photo and not of the ladybug being eaten!  WOW...what a moment I was able to capture!!  Jesus answered prayer once again and pulled out all the stops today!


  1. My word, what an amazing series of shots!! I am scared to death of spiders and would have run for the hills, screaming the whole time. Now with fall here, they are starting to come in the house. So did the spider eat it before you left? Or save it for a bedtime sack? It must have gotten wrapped up very quickly.

  2. this is totally amazing to me. i do not like these spiders and they are common here, so i have never seen this because like sister ginny, i would have run the other way. i did not know about the spinning them in a web, i am assuming they can keep them for when there is no fresh dinner. thanks for sharing a sight most of us will never see

  3. Absolutely amazing!! I'm catching up with several posts, and they are ALL amazing! But you really captured an incredible moment with this one!

  4. I love seeing the wonders of His creations as you've captured here. Quite fascinating, even it at times it seems cruel.

  5. Ale miałaś szczęście ( biedronka go nie miała) zrobić wspaniałą sesję zdjęciową. Gratuluję i pozdrawiam


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