Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another 'Friend' In The Garden

"Another 'Friend' In The Garden" Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
Click on the photo for a closer view.  

After I captured the hummingbirds sticking their tongues out, I walked through the Botanical Garden and found my next subject.....a praying mantis!  But I did not find him this way! 

I was close to stepping on him because he was in the middle of the path when I first encountered him!!  Little did he know he was going to be in my photo shoot!

I put him on some flowers and took photos of him.  He kept his eye on me, and I don't think he was too excited.  I was thankful the Lord again brought me another friend in the garden:) 


  1. How very cool! I have never seen a mantis on a flower bloom before, the place you put him makes him actually look like part of the flower, a giant stamen!

  2. he is really a handsome guy and I like that shot of him on the flower. i bet he was a tiny bit shocked.

  3. The second shot looks like he was as frighten as you and was hoping you would not step on him. I so love the mantis, they are so gentle but play a huge roll in keeping the garden beautiful.


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