Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Second Chance

"A Second Chance"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Going to Julie’s farm is such a treat. She has tons of animals like alpacas, goats, sheep, and chickens just to name a few.

Recently, a couple of ewes had lambs, but one was very sick with a high fever. The sick ewe was a first-year mom and gave birth to a healthy brown lamb that had distinguishing white marks on her head. For now, the lamb is called Sweet Pea.

Julie did everything she could to help the ewe. The vet was busy and could not come to the farm at that time.

At one point, I was all alone with the ewe in the field, and she started labored breathing. While on my knees on the damp ground and hay, I cried out to the Lord, “Please don’t let her die!” I tried to comfort her, but she drew her last breath and died.

It broke my heart. The baby lamb would also not have a mom to love!

The lamb seemed like my baby—I felt responsible for her. While I worked the rest of the day, she stayed with me, and I bottle-fed her a couple of times.

I prayed the Lord would have one of the other ewes let Sweet Pea nurse, but they shunned her. It was not as easy as I thought and quickly learned nature can be very cruel.

Before I left, I spoke to the mother ewes and told them to let her nurse. Julie explained she would have to tie the mama ewe up several times a day and force the ewe to let the lamb feed. It is a very labor-intensive job.

I received a text a little over a week later from Julie, which stated, “Your prayer is answered.” Another ewe gave birth and the lamb died. Julie put Sweet Pea next to the ewe, and she let her nurse. I was able to witness this miracle myself via FaceTime.  

A ewe accepting a lamb that is not its own is very rare. Julie read in order for this to happen, the skin would have to be cut off of the dead lamb and put on the other one.

I am tickled Sweet Pea has a mom, and the ewe that lost her lamb now has a baby to care for. It truly is a miracle! God is good!

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