Monday, July 16, 2012

Are You Really Kidding Me?

"Are You Really Kidding Me?"  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
Click on the photo for a closer view!

The elusive male Ruby-throated hummingbird has tormented me by not letting me photograph him.  Rarely do I get to see him, let alone see him feeding on a flower.  Last year, I did not see one at all.

It has been a quest for me to photograph him at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, and I got very excited when I spotted one yesterday.  Camera and tripod ready.....I waited and found a place on a tree where he likes to perch.

Then out of nowhere, he landed FIFTEEN feet away on a tree!  I took a lot of photos and after he flew away I said, "Are you really kidding me?"  I had again prayed before I set out that day and asked the Lord to show me or bring to me what He wanted me to photograph.  I was totally amazed at the answered prayer!  But no one told the hummer not to sit in direct sunlight while I photographed him!


  1. Ciesz się, że zrobiłeś zdjęcie ślicznego ptaszka, jak chciałeś. Nie ważne, że usiadł w słońcu. Pozdrawiam.
    Enjoy the photo did pretty bird, as you wanted. Never mind that he sat in the sun. Yours.

  2. That little hummer is beautiful. You don't see them perched in trees to often. Just amazing!

  3. Love this! As you know, I love watching and photographing hummers; they are such interesting, unique little creatures. So glad you got this amazing shot!