Monday, July 14, 2014

The Grand Finale

"The Grand Finale" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography  

I took a group of people through the Hummingbird Trail at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia Saturday.  There was a smaller group this time of only 12 people.  The smaller group encouraged the hummingbirds not to hide from us like they did when we had a much larger group.  As we walked through the trail, they came out of hiding and made themselves known.  

It was neat to see the group the last part of the hour spread out in the garden sitting at the various hummingbird markers waiting for a chance to hopefully photograph them.  I was thrilled to look at the back of a visitor's camera to see the photograph they captured.  Others photographed hummingbirds as well.

After the tour was over, I wanted to stay and photograph the hummers because as everyone was photographing the hummers, I was helping them find these neat little creatures.  

I got out my camera and another lady wanted to follow along.  We started out at the front of the trail to no avail.  The hummingbirds were being very quiet.  I only heard one and never saw any.  We went to the back of the trail, and it was a completely different story.  They were everywhere chasing each other around!  I have never seen them in the four years I have been researching them at the garden be as active as they were.  I told the lady with me she was lucky to witness the event.  I felt like a kid in the candy store.  Normally, I would have already packed my equipment and left because of the heat and harsh light, but knew I was probably going to stay another hour.

The hummingbird in the photograph was not far from our tripods.  The hummingbirds did not care we were there.  They were busy defending their territory and chasing each other off.  The immature male in the photograph was busy chasing off the hummingbird that was right over his head. 

The photograph was shot at marker #14 at the Lantana.  They were also busy feeding on the Cana Lily and perching in the bushes in front of the column to the right of the stage.

  Location: The Hummingbird Trail at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

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